Interesting (or: first tiling windows manager experience)

The other night, I was playing around watching YouTube videos and was watching this one video from Brodie Robertson on how he was now using Hyprland as his daily driver. Usually, I just zone out to other tasks when the topic gets to a tiling window manager, as it is not for me: I have a ultrawide screen on my desktop, with a 3440×1440 resolution and trust me, you do not want to run console fullscreen.

But, as I was sitting with my laptop in my lap which obviously has a more common resolution display, I thought what the heck. Let’s see if OpenSUSE offers Hyprland in its repos and see what it’s all about.

Well, it was in the repos and to my suprise it didn’t suck. I mean, I still prefer a normal desktop for desktop tasks, but for managing my network and homelab from my laptop, where I pretty much live in (multiple) terminal sessions and a some of browser tabs on a different workspace, this works. And pretty good too, with great focus on what you need to achieve.

I like, again to my suprise

On a sidenote: does anyone know how to use tiling window manager on a ultrawide screen, where you do not want a single application to go fullscreen, but remain restricted to just part of the screen – let’s say a third of the screen. Or top/bottom half vertically and a third horizontally. Having essentially two screens side by side in a single panel is a dream from a screen real estate point of view, but its a nightmare for using a tiling window manager imo, especially if you take care organizing your windows.

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