At some point, you want more

At some point, you just want more. For the last few years, I have been riding with an Autocom intercom system hooked up to a Kenwood PMR radio for bike2bike communications. I don’t really needed the intercom part, but it was the only way to connect my Garmin Zumo and a bike2bike PMR radio together so I could hear both.

The Autocom Super Pro AVI did well. Sound quality was nothing exceptional, and ok, but it all worked well. I killed one, because the Autocom boxes are not waterproof (these things are designed for motorcycles and they are not waterproof? What where you thinking Autocome??) I replaced it with a second hand unit of the same type and continued using it happily for the next few years.

But at some point you want more. More space underneath the saddle, as modern bikes get less and less space for stuff under the seat and it is always a struggle to find a place for these things. And then it is a struggle to get to the stuff if you need to. Better reception and clarity of speech. Better music quality.

So when I found a shop ( that offered the excellent Baehr Capo 3, new in box, for just 299 euro, I jumped on it. Baehr equipment is good, but it is also pricy. The Capo 3 system normally costs 639 euro, so this was a more than excellent deal. Don’t worry, they are fresh out and don’t sell it anymore. Happy

The Baehr system is waterproof, so no more worries something is getting wet and your intercom is getting fried. It’s only one small box, with the PMR radio integrated into the device which makes it a lot easier to stow away somewhere on the bike unlike having an intercom unit and a separate PMR radio. The sound quality is much clearer than the Autocom, it really is a step up. It’s more like putting up your headphones. The PTT button doesn’t just let you talk, but it also allow you to change the transmitter channel and change the volume up or down. And it lets you switch OFF the bike2bike transmitter if you don’t use it. This is great. The only thing I have not been able to test so far is the bike2bike reception and clarity, but so far it has ticked all the boxes.

I’ll keep you posted with updates as I get to use it more.

Fuck me!

Well fuck me. I guess I am having a stroke of bad luck. First I replaced the Autocom system that gave up on my Balkan trip, only to find out after a test ride that my headset was blown up too. During that test ride, I also found that despite changing the oil, the bike would still not shift to neutral when standing still. Diagnosing the problem and after talking to BMW, we figured the clutch is toast. Apparently this is a known issue with the K1200 series of bikes, and lo and behold at 54,000km mine is one of them. The big question is, will BMW decide I qualify for the leniency warranty that expires 12/31. If it is decided that I don’t, I will have to cough up the cost myself which means I will be looking at a repair bill of about 1500 euro. Merry Christmas. I hope this was the last of the bad luck for a while, because I sure can’t afford any more. I guess this means I will have to put off getting new gear to replace the old worn stuff I wear now. Not a happy camper.