The other day, I got scolded by SHIVA (the owner of after complaining he removed a post from me in a thread where he was complaining about E-bay seller charges. I love the community, but I don’t like being gagged and my reputation damaged by the owner for the sole reason that I don’t agree with him. And because he deleted my post, there is no way for me to defend myself from his abusive response. SHIVA claims to keep everything in the open, but that apparently only applies to what he likes to be in the open and the bits he posts as people responding in my defense or questioning his behavior in this thread, also got to see their comments deleted. Fortunately, my post was still in my Google Chrome cache. I lifted it from my cache, and I am posting it here so you can see why he is responding to me the way he is:

“Charges are clearly listed in the help section: It took me less than 10s to find them, so they are not that hidden, nor are they ambiguous. They even provide calculation examples.

While I don't disagree that those charges are (very) steep, it is the sellers responsibility to make sure he knows what he is getting into prior to listing on a site. Everybody knows Ebay charges fees for selling, so even if you don't know exactly how much, the smart thing to do would be to check before committing to a sale through them. Same with PayPal.

I am sorry, but you got caught out not because E-bay sucks and tries to hide their selling charges, but because you didn't do your homework.”

I don’t consider this a rude and insulting comment. However, SHIVA felt it was so bad it actually needed to be deleted.

So, I asked him why:

Shiva, why did you remove my post? While I appreciate forums are not a democracy, it is not supposed a place to only voice opinions that align with yours either. I do not appreciate being gagged just because I say something you don't like. While I can very good at making an ass out of myself at times, I argued your points with facts in a fair and decent manner that did not warrant editing or removal of my post in any way.”

To which I received the following response:

“throttle, you are on a private exclusive club, that allows its member to participate by choice only. we have set rules here. This is as far from democracy as you get, we are akin to a very exclusive golf or exotic car club. Our rules are posted for all to see.

I found your post insulting, degrading, unwarranted, and overall a waste of bandwidth. you have a tendency to post the most blatantly obvious comments. like to say, read the fine print?
icon_eek yea, very informative. icon_rolleyes And then you go on as if this most blatant observation actually needs a backup paragraph of gibberish.

I am insulted by your post. I hope that I make that very clear to you.

Please stop replying to threads or posts posted by me in the future. I don't need to be reminded of the most blatantly obvious comments. It's like someone bang on your door really hard, in the middle of the night, wakes you up, your family, the neighbors, makes the kids to start crying and dogs barking, just to say "sky is blue" or "snow is white." I find that infinitely insulting.”

I will let you be your the judge about who is abusive, insulting and what not.

One last thing: I am not out to create a feud between SHIVA and myself. As far as I am concerned, this is the last thing that is said about this matter. The only reason I have put this up on my site, is so that people can see the thing the entire conversation which is not possible on I will continue to go and post there as long as I am allowed to and I feel like it. I don’t hold grudges; I have better things to do with my life.