Per gear mapping

Alrighty, with help of an Aussie friend I have figured out how to put the PowerCommander V into per gear mapping mode. Very cool stuff. With the auto tune module connected, I can now create and modify injection mapping for each gear. This means I can add fuel in the lower gears at low rpm and low TPS to prevent it from surging while filtering, while at the same time leaning out mixture at cruise for better economy and it won’t have to be a compromise between the two.

I am so impressed with the PC-V device. It really is a shame that Dynojet doesn’t want to officially support older bikes with their latest model, because it works so beautifully on the K1200S. More people should be able to enjoy the benefits of this great little device.

In case you are wondering: the PowerCommander V for the BMW K1300S works perfect on the BMW K1200S. It is
NOT officially supported by Dynojet, but it DOES work and even Dynojet will tell you that it probably should work if the two bikes are similar enough (as is the case between the K1300 and K1200 series).

To add per gear mapping to your PowerCommander, you require a Vss or speedo sensor signal. On the CAN-bus BMW’s, this is not easily accessible although per documentation the GPS accessory plug has a wire which should carry the Vss. Unfortunately, it doesn’t have any signal without some modification. On the up side, the modification is rather simple: just wire a 330Ohms resistor from the Vss to V+ wires and you will find you magically have a speedo signal on the Vss wire. Wire this into the appropriate port of the PowerCommander V, and you can now calibrate and use per gear mapping!