Garmin VIRB XE & OBD2

Well, I have tried the Garmin Virb XE in combination with a cheap converter cable going from BMW Motorrad 10 pin diagnostic plug to standard OBD2 plug and then plug in an even cheaper LM327 compatible bluetooth OBD2 dongle to see if I could send realtime data from the ECU to the Garmin so it can be used for overlays in video.

Well, guess what, it works. Happy

Right now, it is a big laggy, which is caused by the BT dongle I used: these cheap $9.95 dongles are not very fast. They work as advertised, but they are very slow. However, the priority was seeing if it works on a motorcycle before spending $100 on a plug.

I can get the following realtime data from the bike to the camera:
  • Speed
  • RPM
  • Engine load
  • Coolant temperature
  • Intake temperature
  • Throttle position

Now that I know it works, I will need to see if I can somehow get rid of the conversion cable under the saddle. The plug is rather big and the wires not that long, so it will probably be a little challenge to make everything fit considering the lack of space under the saddle.

Keep you posted on progress!

Garmin VIRB XE Test

A quick not all that interesting test clip from a Garmin VIRB XE, which I will be using on my trips from now on. I will try to shoot more video. Happy