Introducing: European Travel Photos

I am launching a new website called European Travel Photos. I wanted to create a better means to display my photos from all over Europe and show them full screen on your computer. You can turn off the menu system and just watch the photos slideshows full screen, or you can click the info button and read about the trip. It replaces the travel reports section previously on here. It is not finished and not all content is there yet, but I like where it is going. I hope you will too.

You can find the new site in the menu to the right, or by clicking this link.


I’m back. For the last two weeks, I have been traveling with friends through the Vosges, French Alps and Tuscany. Lot’s of great things seen, great ridden and lots of fun. Stay tuned for more.

In the mean time, you can preview the photos at my SmugMug.

Short trip, new tires

We went playing in Luxembourg for our annual Ascension Day weekend, and we had a blast. Weather was ok: mostly dry, but a bit chilly. Only really had some rain on the way home. The other times we had some rain, we were having a break and were able to sit inside.

I didn’t do much photography this time. I have been there so many times, it’s like being at home. But I do have one here for you from the hotel we were staying at, down in Kautenbach.

Before the trip, I had to replace my tires. I went with the Bridgestone BT016 Pro front and rear, and I have to say I like these tires. Very grippy, even in the wet, clear feedback and very easy handling. They’re also very cheap - about 100 euro’s cheaper than the S20 for a set.

Spring is here

Well, Spring is finally here and as usual I am not updating my blog.

A few random things have happened since the last post.

- My clutch is working great. No thanks to BMW, but hopefully my fix will prove to be as resilient as BMW’s refusal acknowledge there was a problem.
- I have mounted a Dynojet Quickshifter to the bike and hooked up to the PowerCommander V. The QS is so cool. Clutch-less shifts in just a few milliseconds while keeping the throttle wide open. It does take a bit of getting used to. Dynojet claims the QS requires a 40lbs load to activate, but I find just brushing against the lever will make it activate. So the trick is to not touch the shifter until you are ready to go, and then in one smooth move pull the shifter all the way up. You cannot allow yourself to shift sloppy as that risks it trying to go in between gears, which results in lots of noise you do not want to hear.
- Coming weekend, I will be going on our annual Ascension Day Weekend Tour to the Eifel region. This time we are staying in Luxembourg and doing most of our riding there as well.
- The routes for the big trip are done and finalized. It is going to be a great trip through the French Alps down to the Mediterranean, then along the coast to Cinque Terre and La Spezia. Into the hills of Tuscany towards Firenze (Florance) and through more of Tuscany towards Bologna where we will visit the Ducati factory. Then it is up into the Dolomites, Austria and Switzerland before heading back home through Germany’s Black Forrest. It is going to be fun! Happy
- After 5000km the Bridgestone BT016 are toast. Unfortunately, the Dunlop SportSmart I still have sitting with a good bit of life in it turned out to have a nail in the rear. So I will instead put a brand new set of Bridgestone BT016 Pro’s on the bike. They will not last long enough to include the summer trip, so I will take them off and replace then with a new set before that trip and afterwards put them back on to replace the (then) worn set after the trip.
- The D800 is really nice. I am so stoked about this camera, so of course I will be lugging it along on all my trips. Even if that forces me to use a tank bag which I really don’t like to use. Hopefully I can get a UWA lens before the big trip, as that will be quite nice on those big mountain vistas.
- I quit smoking and started vaping. It’s amazing the things you can smell when you don’t smoke anymore. Of course this means nothing to any of you that don’t smoke, but to me it does. For those interested, after trying a few different options I now vape using the Vamo APV V2 and Kanger ProTank. This is a really nice combination with great taste.

That’s it for now. I will post some pictures after the trip.

Trip routes

Getting ready for the big trip through Spain, so I thought I’d put up my routes.


This is the full route, the rest are the various sections in more detail we will be riding.

Out playing

Last weekend, weather was absolutely gorgious, so I went out playing in the Eifel. Jumped the highway at home, crossing the border on to the German Autonahn towards Bonn. Let her stretch her legs a bit, though I didn't get over 220kph due to weekend traffic. Still nice to legally run this fast. Near Bad Neuenahr-Ahrweiler of the Autobahn and heading to Altenahr, Adenau, Gerolstein, Manderscheid and Wittlich to spend the night in Bitburg. Next day, it was of to Diekirch, Kautenback, Wiltz, Houffalize, La Roche-en-Ardenne and back home through Belgium. Clocked up about 1000km over little bitty twistie roads having loads of fun listening to the sound of the Akra and intakes.

Just a little back road.

Burg Manderscheid, Manderscheid.

A little church in the middle of nowhere.

The Beast. Glamour shot. Happy

Chateau Bourscheid, Bourscheid (Lux.).

All in all, it wasn’t a bad way to waste away a weekend. Happy

Way too busy again...

Times have been way too busy lately. Work has been hell with the new release, and I had to get my bike ready. But the bike is ready now. I’ve got a new exhaust (OE K1300S), I have the GPS mounted, the Autocom is installed. I am officially ready to start doing trips on this bike... Read More...

Land of the Tzars!

Well, the decision has been made. Yesterday we went over to the KNMV headquarters in Arnhem for an information meeting on a trip we felt interested in. It didn’t take much to make a decision. In 2010, we are going to the land of the tzars, a detour to Moscow, Russia. How cool is that? Happy Read More...

Somethin's Brewin'!

Alrighty then, something is definitely brewing in the trip planning arena. I will not go into it right now, as things are too early but it is very interesting. Perhaps after the weekend I will know more and I can expand a little bit more. Stay tuned!