Thunderbolt SSD on the cheap

I needed some extra storage, and I wanted it to be FAST storage. So that means two things for my Mac :
1 - Thunderbolt
2 - SSD

So I got me a Buffalo Ministation Thunderbolt 500GB and a Crucial M4 960GB SSD. The Buffalo Ministation includes a Thunderbolt cable as well as a USB3 cable, which saves you from buying a pretty expensive Thunderbolt cable from Apple.

I opened up the Buffalo Ministation, which is relatively easy to do, removed the 500GB 5400rpm harddisk and put the Crucial SSD in. Put everything back together again, and I now have a blazing fast external drive.

Total cost:
Buffalo Ministation Thunderbolt 500GB: 122 euro
Crucial M4 960GB: 530 euro
Combined total: 652 euro for a 1TB external ssd with Thunderbolt.

I don't think this can be done any cheaper at the moment.