Per gear mapping

Alrighty, with help of an Aussie friend I have figured out how to put the PowerCommander V into per gear mapping mode. Very cool stuff. With the auto tune module connected, I can now create and modify injection mapping for each gear. This means I can add fuel in the lower gears at low rpm and low TPS to prevent it from surging while filtering, while at the same time leaning out mixture at cruise for better economy and it won’t have to be a compromise between the two.

I am so impressed with the PC-V device. It really is a shame that Dynojet doesn’t want to officially support older bikes with their latest model, because it works so beautifully on the K1200S. More people should be able to enjoy the benefits of this great little device.

In case you are wondering: the PowerCommander V for the BMW K1300S works perfect on the BMW K1200S. It is
NOT officially supported by Dynojet, but it DOES work and even Dynojet will tell you that it probably should work if the two bikes are similar enough (as is the case between the K1300 and K1200 series).

To add per gear mapping to your PowerCommander, you require a Vss or speedo sensor signal. On the CAN-bus BMW’s, this is not easily accessible although per documentation the GPS accessory plug has a wire which should carry the Vss. Unfortunately, it doesn’t have any signal without some modification. On the up side, the modification is rather simple: just wire a 330Ohms resistor from the Vss to V+ wires and you will find you magically have a speedo signal on the Vss wire. Wire this into the appropriate port of the PowerCommander V, and you can now calibrate and use per gear mapping!

Oh yeah! Finally done!

FINALLY! Yes, it has been a while but I finally managed to put my travel report of my motorcycle trip to Scotland online. You can read all about it here! Enjoy. Happy

Scotland Trip Report Coming Soon

No updates of yet, but the trip was great, the photos came out great and I will be putting up the full trip report up as soon as possible!

Scotland Route

Not a lot of updates lately, but I have something for you: the planned route for my Scotland trip. Enjoy!


New site @

Just opened up a new site. It is called I needed a new domain for my home server, so this is it. It will mainly focus on Tips & Tricks for OS X. I will also add some words on how to set up OS X Server, because unlike most things Apple, this is not as easy to set up as it initially appears to be. So, if you have a Mac and things on OS X, make sure to visit there too. Happy

Family visit

I have been visiting family in Austria with my dad for a few days, and we went over there on the bikes. Didn’t do much riding, but I did manage to make some video’s.

They are made on Gabel Pass, near Graz on the B77 from Köflach to Weißkirchen. First one is going up, second one going down on the other side. It is not my usual love of tight and technical, but it is a great deal of fun to ride this road. Hope you enjoy.

Ascension Day ride

Just got back from the annual Ascension Day ride a few of my friends and I have each year. Didn’t take much photo’s and haven’t had a chance to look at what I have, but I did manage to put together a short little video from our ride.

It’s Ramon aka BugBoy on his 2004-2005 Boxercup replica R1100S riding the N27 in Luxembourg. Great road with perfectly smooth surface, most of the way and so nice turns. Not too tight and technical, but fun nonetheless.

Video camera

My first (test) video on the K1200, using my brand new full HD digital movie camera. It can record up to 1080p, is easily controlled even on a bike with gloves on and stores it’s movies on a SD card up to 32GB. This 32GB will provide 8 hours of recording time. The camera is made by
Huashi and has the following specifications:

Camera sensor

Camera lens
Wide angle Lense 120 degree 4X DIGITAL ZOOM

LCD Screen
2.0 inch

usb/avi out
mic and speaker equiped (mono)

Picture format
2592x1944(5M) or 3200x 2400(8M)

Video format
Mov H. 1080P (30 FPS) 848x480 (60 FPS)
Record Resolution (true HD, four levels for choice)
1080P= 1920x 1080@30FPS
720P= 1280X 720@30FPS
WVGA 848X480@60FPS

Frame rate
30Fps / 60Fps

Internal: 32M
External: SD/MMC Card external, up to 32G

1800MHA Built in Lithium Rechargeable Battery

Dimensions (mm)
Camera : 10(L) x 3.5(&PhiWinking cm
Recorder Host : 11.5(L) x 6(W) x 3(H) cm

Camera ,Remote control, Bag, User manual,Charger Car charger, Charger pedestal,  AV cable, USB cable, Nylon strap , Camera cover, Rubber ring,  Bicycle pedestal,  Pedestal Camera ,pedestal , Strap nip, Sponge mat ,Velcro strap, Strap ,Battery.

It should give me some pretty cool footage on my trips.

More crap from BMW

I have to say, I really like this BMW K1200S because when it works well, it is simply mind blowing. However, after the clutch, and the fueling I am getting really tired of seeing this thing in bits in the shop. Now it doesn’t want to stay cool, it is over heating. Turns out, the thermostat is broken into 3 pieces and partially blocking the radiator. Not the best situation to keep the bike cool. Also, it is giving some intermittent headaches with the idle running. Sometimes it is running high (1500-1700rpm) and taking several seconds to drop back to 1100rpm. This makes it completely undriveable at low rpm. Other times, it just stalls. This is 99% sure caused by the airbox and idle control valve. There is a modification for that, but since my bike is out of warranty and I don’t want to shell out $600 for a new airbox, I am hoping cleaning and polishing the ICV will do the trick. At least temporarely. If it works, I don’t mind doing it at every service.

After this, it better be right because I am getting fed with this crap. If not, I am buying a Honda again.

Out playing

Last weekend, weather was absolutely gorgious, so I went out playing in the Eifel. Jumped the highway at home, crossing the border on to the German Autonahn towards Bonn. Let her stretch her legs a bit, though I didn't get over 220kph due to weekend traffic. Still nice to legally run this fast. Near Bad Neuenahr-Ahrweiler of the Autobahn and heading to Altenahr, Adenau, Gerolstein, Manderscheid and Wittlich to spend the night in Bitburg. Next day, it was of to Diekirch, Kautenback, Wiltz, Houffalize, La Roche-en-Ardenne and back home through Belgium. Clocked up about 1000km over little bitty twistie roads having loads of fun listening to the sound of the Akra and intakes.

Just a little back road.

Burg Manderscheid, Manderscheid.

A little church in the middle of nowhere.

The Beast. Glamour shot. Happy

Chateau Bourscheid, Bourscheid (Lux.).

All in all, it wasn’t a bad way to waste away a weekend. Happy

Firefox 4 suprise

Being the nerd that I am, I decided to test drive Firefox 4 when it came out. Mind you, I always have Firefox installed because Safari/webkit don’t always allow me to see the pages I need to see properly, like some of the pages on my corporate intranet. Firefox helps out here. But, I never use it that much because to be honest, Firefox 3.x is dog slow.

Now, with Firefox 4.0 things are very different. It is fast. It makes Safari and Chrome on my Mac feel like slow ancient browsers. It is not all happy days though. I do not like the amount of space is taken up by the program bar, address bar and bookmarks bar. I like that they put the tabs on top, but unlike Chrome, Firefox does not save any space doing that. I do not like how Firefox shows fonts too large, but that is fixable, sorta. Mind you, these things are not present in the Windows version of Firefox.

But damn, this browser is fast. It is so fast, that despite its little quirks it is now my default browser and that hasn’t happened since Netscape 3 on Windows 3.11. Congratulations Mozilla, this really is a great browser. If you can fix the quirks - font size, size of the toolbars - it has the potential to be the best browser on Mac.

Powercommander: initial impressions

Since I only know of 2 persons having made the jump to install the Powercommander V and Autotune AT200 on their K1200S (and that number includes myself), I thought I'd pen down my first impressions.

Disclaimer: Installation of the Powercommander V and Autotune module is NOT supported by Dynojet Inc. and therefor not listed at their website. Should you want to try this, you are effectively on your own as far as Dynojet is concerned. Further more, these are my impressions, empirical data and by no means backed by hard data collected on a dynamometer.

First, let me start with a little background. When I bought my K1200S, I loved the bike. I loved the power, the handling and everything about it. Except one little thing: the hesitations and surging at low rpm, which are mostly (if not only) noticeable when filtering through slow moving traffic. Not too much of an issue, but when between cars with 4" to spare it is nice to have proper control. After investigating and talking to people, I decided to buy a RapidBike3 module in combination with the RBO2 module. The latter is supposed to give you control over closed loop operation of the bike by modifying the signal coming from the O2 sensor.

After installing the RB3, I went on to visit a very highly regarding tuner to have it set up properly on the dyno. This was not such a great success. Not only did he not adjust the RBO2, he plain just disconnected it (WTF?) and he 'forgot' to tune the ignition advance. Not why I spend money on a RB3, over a much cheaper RB1. To the tuners defense, here they basically only sell the RB1, but still. So time to find a different tuner. This one did a much better job. Got the bike running pretty darn good, but he also didn't have any idea how to setup the RBO2. Bummer. Second bummer was after riding the bike for a tank fo gas, which didn't take too long: fuel consumption of 24mpg (10km/l) (!). Gulp.

This was going to prove the theme of my marriage with the RB3: either have a decent running bike, or have decent fuel consumption. Nothing in between. This was getting very frustrating, as the RB module is definitely not a bad product, but without proper tuning it is not going to help you much.

Fast forward to a few weeks ago. I finally had enough. The inability to do things myself, plus the lack of decent tuners around to do it for me and having spend $300 on dyno runs already, I decided to can the RB3 and get me a Powercommander V with the Autotune module. The idea being, that while I may not be able to make any sensible changes +/- x% of fuel for certain cells, I do understand AFR numbers and this way I can tune it myself without having to keep throwing $$ at tuners and not knowing the result.

So, last week my PCV and AT200 came in and thus the bike went apart. Removed all the RapidBike stuff and installed the new bits. It took a bit of fiddling, fitting and moving parts around to get everything under the seat in such a way that I could still lock the seat, but I got it installed. Removing the stock O2 sensor also proved to be little challenge, but it gave way and was replaced by the wideband O2 sensor from the Autotune kit. Next, the PCV being a part for the K1300S, I loaded up the zero map, which means no change from the BMW ECU and modified the AFR trim table.

Trim table looks like this:
2-10% TPS and up to 5000rpm: 13.8 AFR
10-80% TPS and up to 8000rpm: 13.5 AFR
80-100% TPS and up to max rpm: 13.2 AFR

Now we were ready to ride. Fuel consumption was going to be massive, as disconnecting the O2 sensor makes the ECU go into fail safe mode, which is rather rich (12.5 AFR at the low rpms, according to the Powercommander software). After two 75km runs and accepting changes in between, I could see the fuel consumption go down rapidly on the display of the bike. No hard numbers yet, cause I haven't had time to cover any distance yet. It looks like it is going to be ok though.

More importantly though is the way the bike is running. It is now running like it has never run before. It is so smooth, barely any vibrations, and it has power everywhere (like it is supposed to). With the RapidBike module, it always felt slow to spool up before it took off into warp drive. Now, there is an instant explosion of power. Very addictive and very grin inducing. This is how I remember the K1200S from my test rides.

So, if you are or have been wondering about the PCV and autotune on the K1200 and you are not too bothered by the little fact that it is not an officially supported configuration, just go ahead. It works flawlessly and it does a great job at making the bike run like it is supposed to run. Having only to deal with A/F ratios also makes it easy to understand and deal with and adjust by normal people without private access of a dyno. It does take time to set it up on the road by riding, but to me that is a fun part of it.

In all, I am extremely happy despite effectively having thrown $800 into the wind with the RB3 stuff and dyno runs. I could have saved a ton of money had I gone this route to start with.

In a totally unrelated note, I absolutely love my new Damen Leathers custom leather suit. It still needs to be worn in, but it already feels better than the old leathers it replaces. If you have a weird size like I do, custom made leathers really do make a difference.

Odds & Ends

Well, just another short update. First, my gear. I have decided to go with a custom made leather suit from Damen Leathers. It’s expensive, but it should last me long and the fit will be second to none. It is going to be a bit boring in colors, black pants with black jacket with light grey shoulders, but I couldn’t think of anything more ‘hip’ that would fit both my bikes. So boring it is. Spend almost 3 hours at the shop two weeks ago for them to take my measurements and discuss the various options. I added some ventilation on the chest and on the back for some cooler climate inside during summer.

Second, I ordered a Powercommander V plus the AT200 autotune module for my bike. It is designed for the K1300S, and not the K1200S, but it works just fine as they are essentially the same bikes. I am dumping the RapidBike 3 module. Not because it is no good, but simply because I can’t seem to find anyone who can properly setup and tune the RB3 module with RB-O2 companion on my bike and with my setup. I am either getting a great running bike with appalling fuel economy (10l to 100km), or a poor running bike with decent fuel economy. This possibly has to do with the exhaust muffler I put on, so I am going to change that for a nice titanium Akrapoviç SP series muffler. If you wonder why I am then buying the PC-V, and not keeping the RB3, I probably could. But I am tired of spending €150 on a tuner to have to setup again every time I change something on the bike. The PC-V with AT200 lets me do it myself, while on the road, my way.

There is going to be a lot of riding this year, which is good. Can’t tell all yet, but I will definitely be visiting my family in Austria again, and late summer will see me exploring Scotland with a dear friend from the USA. Once more details are known, I will put them up here.

Keep in touch!

Bike show

Well, tomorrow will be my visit to the annual bike show in Utrecht. I am particularly curious to the new models from Honda and BMW. I have to check out the stands for Akrapoviç, Laser and Dynojet. It is going to be a fun day. Probably not too much shopping (with what money?), but fun nonetheless.

New gear II

I am still driving myself nuts of getting me some new gear. I am leaning towards custom made, as I think the BMW suit might not necessarily fit perfectly and I have doubt on how warm/hot it will be to wear on warm summer days. Thinking a custom made perforated leather suit will do great, and with a windstopper and underlayer it will also work just fine on those days where it is a little colder. But you also needs to carry a rain suit around all the time. Choices, choices.

If only I could find a proper review of the BMW Atlantis suit that tells me more. Very few out there, and they don’t deal with hot weather. I guess it is too expensive for most (like me included).


I need new gear. My riding pants are torn, and my jacket is worn. I have two options that I like, either get a custom made suit from Damen Leathers, or go for the BMW Atlantis 4 suit. But they are both $$$. Right now, I think I am leaning towards the BMW suit because they are waterproof leathers. No more rain suit! On the other hand, it prove to be a little too much touring oriented to feel great when on my sporty bikes. I need to go fit and try it on.

Whatever I will get, I am sure it will be stretching my finances, especially after the very expensive clutch repair I had to do on my K1200S. Oh well. You only live once, and the only way to enjoy money is when you spend it. Happy

[OSX] mds going crazy on memory

I have recently added a 120GB OWC Mercury Extreme SSD to my Macbook Pro. Since 120GB really isn’t enough for me, I removed the SuperDrive and put the original hard-disk on a bracket in place of the SuperDrive. All is well, and the system is super fast.

But then I noticed that a process called mds was using ridiculous amounts of memory. Not to the point that it was slowing my system down and swapping out - I have 8GB of memory in my MBP - but enough to notice it wasn’t behaving like before. Now, mds is part of the Spotlight indexer, and Spotlight being the internal search engine for Mac OS X. Besides using memory, it is also going over the disks continuesly while indexing. Not good.

Going online to find a solution, I could not find a whole lot. Not that there is nothing to find - there is plenty - but because none of the solutions offered seemed to work.

Here is what I did:

- Clear the indexes. Idea is that if you remove the search index, it will re-index your drives and all should be well. It was not.
# mdutil -a -E

- Reboot. No joy.
- Disable Spotlight. This would fix the memory problem, but Spotlight is actually quite handy. Disabling it will also stop you from searching your e-mail and any other application that uses Spotlight. Not what I want.
# mdutil -a -i off
# mdutil -a -E
# launchctl unload -w

What I finally did, and this seems to have done the trick, is disable indexing on all drivers, remove the index, disable Spotlight, remove all Spotlight index related directories, clear my TimeMachine drive, and enable Spotlight again. After this, it immediately started to index my drives again and after it was finished, it is appearing to behave ever since.

# mdutil -a -i off
# mdutil -a -E
# launchctl unload
# rm -rf .Spotlight-V100
(on all drives!)

After this, I went in Disk Utility and erased the TimeMachine disk. When the disk was erased, I enabled Spotlight again.

# launchctl load

All is well.

What I think has happened, though honestly I have no idea if this is correct, is because I set my SSD up as a bootdisk and the HDD as a secondry which holds my user home directly, the TimeMachine backup sets are completely different to the situation before the SSD. This should not be an issue, but from what I read, Spotlight is tightly integrated into TimeMachine and possibly got confused about the structure file locations of the old backup sets being very different from the new situation. This may have triggered a continuous indexing action, every time it went into the TimeMachine disk and found locations to be different from reality. Again, I have no idea if this is really what happened. Fact of the matter is, after removing the indexes and clearing my TimeMachine backups, the Spotlight indexer is behaving nice again. It can go up to 800MB real memory while indexing (saw that while it was creating the new index, but it also drops between 70-80MB when it isn’t doing much. Whatever it was or is, I am happy with the result.

Happy New Year

A belated happy new year to the few people getting here. Happy It has been a good year last year, and hopefully this one will be just as good or better. Work is kinda busy, as usual but that is ok. Getting a new toy for my Macbook Pro - a SSD - which is exciting and should really speed up my Mac significantly. I just wish this winter would go away and spring arrive so I can start getting some riding in.

The big ride this year will probably go to the UK and Scotland. I am really looking forward to it, not in the least because I am going to be riding with one of my American friends again. Last I saw him was in 2006, and it will be great meeting up with him and ride together.