Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to you all, particularly the one or two persons reading my blog. Winking

Bike should be back from clutch repair today. Now if spring would only come.

Fuck me!

Well fuck me. I guess I am having a stroke of bad luck. First I replaced the Autocom system that gave up on my Balkan trip, only to find out after a test ride that my headset was blown up too. During that test ride, I also found that despite changing the oil, the bike would still not shift to neutral when standing still. Diagnosing the problem and after talking to BMW, we figured the clutch is toast. Apparently this is a known issue with the K1200 series of bikes, and lo and behold at 54,000km mine is one of them. The big question is, will BMW decide I qualify for the leniency warranty that expires 12/31. If it is decided that I don’t, I will have to cough up the cost myself which means I will be looking at a repair bill of about 1500 euro. Merry Christmas. I hope this was the last of the bad luck for a while, because I sure can’t afford any more. I guess this means I will have to put off getting new gear to replace the old worn stuff I wear now. Not a happy camper.

Fixing WideMail after OS update

I created a little script for myself to make it easier to extract the new compatibility UUID’s from and add them to WideMail so that it does not get disabled as an unsupported plugin. I cannot guarantee it will always work (it might actually get really broken at some point), but it does confirmed work for upgrades to OS X 10.6.4 and OS X 10.6.5.

# Little script to find the UUID's of after an OS upgrade
# and insert them into the WideMail plug-in
newMailUUID=$(defaults read /Applications/ PluginCompatibilityUUID);
newMsgUUID=$(defaults read /System/Library/Frameworks/Message.framework/Resources/Info PluginCompatibilityUUID);
defaults write
[path_to_widemail_bundle]/Contents/Info SupportedPluginCompatibilityUUIDs -array-add "$newMailUUID";
defaults write
[path_to_widemail_bundle]/Contents/Info SupportedPluginCompatibilityUUIDs -array-add "$newMsgUUID";

Layout gets a bit screwed, but every line end with a ‘;’. Widemail is typically installed under /Users//Library/Mail/Bundles/WideMail.mailbundle. The same principle obviously works with plugins like GrowlMail. I hope this helps some people.

Until next time. Happy

Sadle and stuff

This weekend, I finished giving the K1200S some much needed maintenance, after having been abused on the Balkan trip this year. Fluids were changed, valves checked (no adjustment necessary at 54000km!), filters changed or cleaned. I also mounted the new Autocom SuperPro AVI on the bike, after the previous one was fried in Greece being submerged in a pool of disinfectant. I now mounted it in the storage compartment underneath the Sargent saddle under the driver seat. This should provide a reasonably clean and at least dry spot for the device and allow me to continue to communicate with my friends and listen to the GPS and/or music. I also bled the brakes hoping it would improve firmness of the lever and give me a better feel, but no such luck. They still are shitty BMW brakes. Time to save up for a pair of Brembo radial masters.

As a little extra, here’s two shots of the bike fully assembled again to give a better view of how things look with the new saddle. Still crappy iPhone pics, but you’ll get the idea.

Until next time. Happy

New saddle pics

Ok, I shot some pics of my new saddle. Made them with my phone, so the quality isn’t near of my normal pics but it will give a pretty good idea of what it looks like.

It really is a quality piece of kit. The fit and finish, workmanship. Me likey.

New saddle

Alright! Today the FedEx-man came by and dropped of a big box containing my brand new Sargent modular sport seat. It is basically one of the excellent Sargent front seats, with a storage pod at the back instead of a passenger seat. Storage pod is painted BMW’s Cosmic Blue, which is the blue color of my K1200S. It fits and looks absolutely beautiful and the finish is amazing. Great piece of kit. Expensive, but great piece of kit nonetheless. I can’t wait for some nice weather to try it out. Think we will get some again this year?

New site

Well, this proved to be quite a bit of work. Over the last few days, I have been spending my free time redesigning my website. Reason: iWeb sucks when you want to use a lot of images, like I do in a trip report. You make it all look pretty within iWeb, and when you publish the layout is completely screwed with images floating over text and no longer being positioned where you expected them to be. Not much fun. Found a different program to maintain the website with, and while it is a little more work, it is also very flexible. I like how it turned out so far.

Until next time.

Way too busy again...

Times have been way too busy lately. Work has been hell with the new release, and I had to get my bike ready. But the bike is ready now. I’ve got a new exhaust (OE K1300S), I have the GPS mounted, the Autocom is installed. I am officially ready to start doing trips on this bike... Read More...

Been a while...

My BMW K1200S parked on top of the Stilfserjoch aka the Stelvio Pass, Italy. Photo taken July 2010.

Well, the morning after my last entry into the blog (Dec 12), my dad and me went on our planned ride. We went to visit Mofra B.V. in Gilze, which is a very nice little BMW motorrad dealership. We had a good ride, and a good time oogling the new bikes and gear.

Late in the afternoon, we decided it was time to head back. As I turned out of a street leaving the dealer I of a sudden I found myself face down on the road and hearing the bike sliding over the road. I remember thinking FUCK! not my new bike. Read More...