Well, this weekend finally promises to be one with a little decent weather. Of course, it IS mid-December, so bad weather is to be expected, but still. If you have a new bike, you would like to ride it some too. Read More...

Bikes, Fly, More

The past week was a bit of a biatch. I got the flu and a bad cold. After one week, I still have the cold. I hate colds. Particularly when it stuff my nose. I can’t sleep with a stuffed nose. Did I mention I hate colds? Read More...

It's here!

Yesterday the day was finally there. After waiting two weeks, my new bike showed. Originally, it was planned to be delivered between 12 and 1 in the afternoon, but unfortunately due to various circumstances it didn’t arrive until 4:30. By the time I was done, it was too late to get out and ride some.

Today, the weather royally sucked. No other words for it. But tomorrow promises to be a nice day, so I’ll be out riding all day! Woohoo!

Land of the Tzars!

Well, the decision has been made. Yesterday we went over to the KNMV headquarters in Arnhem for an information meeting on a trip we felt interested in. It didn’t take much to make a decision. In 2010, we are going to the land of the tzars, a detour to Moscow, Russia. How cool is that? Happy Read More...

Somethin's Brewin'!

Alrighty then, something is definitely brewing in the trip planning arena. I will not go into it right now, as things are too early but it is very interesting. Perhaps after the weekend I will know more and I can expand a little bit more. Stay tuned!


Well, Wednesday the guy from the shop I went to last weekend called back saying he had the K12S in the back of his van and could swing buy so I could see it and have a test ride. How is that for service? Happy Read More...

No Go, Yet

Well, this weekend we (my dad and I) drove to a dealership which had a bike for sale I am interested in. After an hour an a half driving and searching for the place, we came to find out the bike was not there. Fortunately it was not sold, but it was at an exhibition in Paris. Well shit! Read More...

First Entry

First entry to the blog... I have no idea if I will keep this up, or if there will be anything interesting to read here. If history is any indication, probably not. Then again, who cares.

For the past few months I have been thinking about getting a new bike. Not to replace to trusty Beemer Boxer, but to add to it. Maybe I will, maybe I won’t. We’ll see what happens in the next few weeks.

Right now, it is back to work. Lot’s of stuff to do.