Video camera

My first (test) video on the K1200, using my brand new full HD digital movie camera. It can record up to 1080p, is easily controlled even on a bike with gloves on and stores it’s movies on a SD card up to 32GB. This 32GB will provide 8 hours of recording time. The camera is made by
Huashi and has the following specifications:

Camera sensor

Camera lens
Wide angle Lense 120 degree 4X DIGITAL ZOOM

LCD Screen
2.0 inch

usb/avi out
mic and speaker equiped (mono)

Picture format
2592x1944(5M) or 3200x 2400(8M)

Video format
Mov H. 1080P (30 FPS) 848x480 (60 FPS)
Record Resolution (true HD, four levels for choice)
1080P= 1920x 1080@30FPS
720P= 1280X 720@30FPS
WVGA 848X480@60FPS

Frame rate
30Fps / 60Fps

Internal: 32M
External: SD/MMC Card external, up to 32G

1800MHA Built in Lithium Rechargeable Battery

Dimensions (mm)
Camera : 10(L) x 3.5(&PhiWinking cm
Recorder Host : 11.5(L) x 6(W) x 3(H) cm

Camera ,Remote control, Bag, User manual,Charger Car charger, Charger pedestal,  AV cable, USB cable, Nylon strap , Camera cover, Rubber ring,  Bicycle pedestal,  Pedestal Camera ,pedestal , Strap nip, Sponge mat ,Velcro strap, Strap ,Battery.

It should give me some pretty cool footage on my trips.