Fixes and repairs

Well, last week I finally received the right side panel for the K1200S. This was ordered early June after some douchebag ran into my bike in Andorra (see elsewhere on the site). That’s almost 7 (yes, seven) months it took to get a simple fairing panel. Thank you BMW, for your wonderful service.
On another note, I finally fixed the clutch problems on the K1200S as well. No thanks to BMW. The standard answer from BMW is “they all do that” or “it’s operating within specifications”. Obviously it was not, and I have been able to fix it by fitting a set of new clutch plates I got from TRW/Lucas (Germany). My research showed the problem is usually with the first (outer) friction plate, which is different from the other ones in that the inner diameter of the ring is larger. Inside the extra space lay a steel ring and what looks like a spring-ring ring. The new plates are all the same, so these 2 extra rings are gone now. The clutch now looks like an ordinary wet clutch, and it operates like one too. Engagement point is between 50%-75% from full in as it should be with a nice progressive feel. Hopefully it will last this time.

My confidence in BMW customer care is sub-zero, but at least I can fix my own bike myself and without the horrendous cost of BMW mechanics