Odds & Ends

Well, just another short update. First, my gear. I have decided to go with a custom made leather suit from Damen Leathers. It’s expensive, but it should last me long and the fit will be second to none. It is going to be a bit boring in colors, black pants with black jacket with light grey shoulders, but I couldn’t think of anything more ‘hip’ that would fit both my bikes. So boring it is. Spend almost 3 hours at the shop two weeks ago for them to take my measurements and discuss the various options. I added some ventilation on the chest and on the back for some cooler climate inside during summer.

Second, I ordered a Powercommander V plus the AT200 autotune module for my bike. It is designed for the K1300S, and not the K1200S, but it works just fine as they are essentially the same bikes. I am dumping the RapidBike 3 module. Not because it is no good, but simply because I can’t seem to find anyone who can properly setup and tune the RB3 module with RB-O2 companion on my bike and with my setup. I am either getting a great running bike with appalling fuel economy (10l to 100km), or a poor running bike with decent fuel economy. This possibly has to do with the exhaust muffler I put on, so I am going to change that for a nice titanium Akrapoviç SP series muffler. If you wonder why I am then buying the PC-V, and not keeping the RB3, I probably could. But I am tired of spending €150 on a tuner to have to setup again every time I change something on the bike. The PC-V with AT200 lets me do it myself, while on the road, my way.

There is going to be a lot of riding this year, which is good. Can’t tell all yet, but I will definitely be visiting my family in Austria again, and late summer will see me exploring Scotland with a dear friend from the USA. Once more details are known, I will put them up here.

Keep in touch!