Firefox 4 suprise

Being the nerd that I am, I decided to test drive Firefox 4 when it came out. Mind you, I always have Firefox installed because Safari/webkit don’t always allow me to see the pages I need to see properly, like some of the pages on my corporate intranet. Firefox helps out here. But, I never use it that much because to be honest, Firefox 3.x is dog slow.

Now, with Firefox 4.0 things are very different. It is fast. It makes Safari and Chrome on my Mac feel like slow ancient browsers. It is not all happy days though. I do not like the amount of space is taken up by the program bar, address bar and bookmarks bar. I like that they put the tabs on top, but unlike Chrome, Firefox does not save any space doing that. I do not like how Firefox shows fonts too large, but that is fixable, sorta. Mind you, these things are not present in the Windows version of Firefox.

But damn, this browser is fast. It is so fast, that despite its little quirks it is now my default browser and that hasn’t happened since Netscape 3 on Windows 3.11. Congratulations Mozilla, this really is a great browser. If you can fix the quirks - font size, size of the toolbars - it has the potential to be the best browser on Mac.