Sadle and stuff

This weekend, I finished giving the K1200S some much needed maintenance, after having been abused on the Balkan trip this year. Fluids were changed, valves checked (no adjustment necessary at 54000km!), filters changed or cleaned. I also mounted the new Autocom SuperPro AVI on the bike, after the previous one was fried in Greece being submerged in a pool of disinfectant. I now mounted it in the storage compartment underneath the Sargent saddle under the driver seat. This should provide a reasonably clean and at least dry spot for the device and allow me to continue to communicate with my friends and listen to the GPS and/or music. I also bled the brakes hoping it would improve firmness of the lever and give me a better feel, but no such luck. They still are shitty BMW brakes. Time to save up for a pair of Brembo radial masters.

As a little extra, here’s two shots of the bike fully assembled again to give a better view of how things look with the new saddle. Still crappy iPhone pics, but you’ll get the idea.

Until next time. Happy