Bridgestone S20

This summer for my trip through Spain I decided to mount a set of the new Bridgestone S20 tires. This turned out to be a really good thing, and a really bad thing.

To start with the bad thing: after just 4000km of touring, maybe 60% touring and 40% hard riding, both tires were completely shot. Front and rear, and from side to side. Even for a sport tire like this, that’s not too good given the current state of tire tech. A previous set of Michelin Pilot Pure tires, on the same bike lasted 4500km doing 90% hard sport riding. However, later checks on accompanying bikes and contact with Bridgestone showed evidence the road surfaces in Spain are particulary abrasive. So I will reserve judgement on wear until after a next set.

The good thing: these tires offer grip. I mean GRIP. Seemingly endless supplies of it. It doesn’t matter if it is 10C (50F) and pissing down with rain, or if it is 40C (104F) in blazing sunshine, these tires offer grip and confidence like no other tire I have ever had the pleasure of trying. They are also very light handling, yet extremely neutral. On my BMW K1200S this results in a deliciously handling motorcycle that feels much more nimble than you’d expect from a long and heavy bike like this.

All in all, I would say that currently this is a best sport street tire you can get.