Updates: site design & bike damage

Well, as you can see (if you have been here before), I have made some very significant changes to the layout of the site. Things are looking a lot less boring and a lot spiffier with all these new technologies like CSS3 and HTML5.

Still no news from my insurance company regarding the status of my claim. A schmuck from Spain did a hit and run on my parked bike next to the hotel in Andorra last june, and left me with a lot of damage on the right side of the bike. Insurance paid, but is still trying to get money back from the other party - which we fortunately found.

As it turns out, after I called my insurance company they forgot to forward the claim to the department that has to make the claim to the other party...

In other crap news, I am now already waiting for more than a month for BMW to deliver a new right side fairing panel due to the incident above. I have already replaced the top fairing section and the bottom fairing, but so far the silence is deafening when it comes to the side piece. Way to go. Fortunately after polishing the side panel, the damage isn’t too bad so it doesn’t entirely crap. But still.

This is how it looked after I picked the bike up and had steam coming from my ears...