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BMW K1200S (2007)

Late 2009, I was browsing the web again (I really should stop doing that, it gets expensive...) when I saw this bike. Mind you, I always loved the K1200S. I fell in love with that motorcycle the day it was introduced in 2004. I even tried to close a deal for a brand new one back then, but despite a great deal from our dealership, I couldn't find a way to make it stick financially.

Fast forward to present again, I found this great looking 2007 model K1200S in the rather rare black/blue/silver color scheme and I wanted it. Price seemed to be right and after checking my options, I decided I could afford to buy the bike without having to sell my beloved boxer. It is a full option motorcycle, meaning it has ESA (Electronic Suspension Adjustment), ABS (anti-lock brakes), heated grips and trip computer. Since this is a 2007 model, it has the improved Integral-ABS2 without power-assist. This was a conscious decision, since the boxer does not have ABS and I feel it is safer not having to get used to either set of brakes again when switching bikes.

Since then, I am confirmed in my choice. The K1200S is a great motorcycle. Lots of space (I am 6'2"), lots of power and very comfortable in doing high speed long distance touring. Unfortunately, luggage capacity is a bit limited but I travel light anyway.

I cannot seem to get away from the modification bug though. Like the R1100S, the big K has seen a growing list of modifications to make the bike better, and more personalized.